North Florida to Tallahassee, FSU with family

November 15, 2014

Following mostly hwy 90 through North Florida, I leave behind condos and coast for camping at Blackwater River State Park. Further down the road and outside of Ponce De Leon, Vortex Springs campground offers scuba too though I pass; chilly. I catch rain coming into Three Rivers State Park outside of Sneads on Lake Seminole, but stay dry enough to woof down the plate of food the campground host offers. A relatively short ride into Tallahassee, my soon-to-graduate cousin shares charming digs in the student ghetto while I get to hang out with family for football, IMAX, a birthday and general mayhem for several days: A wonderful reprieve from the saddle.
Returning to pedaling, I figure the Grace Manor B&B in Greenville is a smarter option than stealth camping during hunting season, though a more masculine room would have cost more. At Ichetucknee Springs, camping in the woods is beautiful though I lay in my bag until it warms to 47 degrees at 9:15 before moving along to Gainesville. Admittedly, watching the gators from the couch after passing on a 9:30 am tailgate.
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