Baton Rouge, Mississippi, Dauplin Island (Alabama), Mobile bay ferry, Big Lagoon State Park (Florida)

November 3, 2014


A “busted flat in Baton Rouge” gives me three nights at the Belle Casino while repairs are made (rim, actually) and allows me time to win enough at craps to pay for the stay. Some good eating and drinking downtown, along with the “13th Gate” haunted house, for other than gambling fun. A bike hostel outside of BR puts me up for the night leaving town. The Franklinton Police Dept offers a patch of land the next night, though Hasco, the “spawn of Satan” about-to-be-retired K9 sees that I stay alert. At Rodgers Lake, Mrs. Rodgers, 89, enjoys the company of having me camp out back, though no trick-or-treaters show for her apples; so she cut the lights off at 8 she tells me in morning after hollering outside that the “coffee is ready!”. In Vancleave, a campground that’s seen better days shelters me for the coldest night, low-mid 30’s, though a few PBRs a gratuitous ‘next one’ eases the sting. Roads flattening out, I roll through Bayou La Batre and onto Dauphin Island, Alabama to tent under some nice folks’ stilt house. Pizza and beer before bed, catching the ferry across Mobile Bay this morning. Back in Florida now, no-see-ums welcome me at Big Lagoon State Park10417674_10152853921988556_5276358443387816308_n(1) 10407680_10152853922008556_968091790389753370_n 10671328_10152853922053556_8611496137621244741_n 1470151_10152853922083556_8719195434802547427_n 64753_10152853922138556_2735241836284249924_n 1911748_10152853922118556_6466638018981906614_n 10671425_10152853922158556_454607276278496090_n 10701976_10152853922188556_1552251804235550342_n 1653725_10152853922243556_2921431415503016921_n 1376504_10152853922283556_8860619173221452935_n 1471740_10152853922323556_867481633214862959_n 10418429_10152853922368556_4136023240302586978_n 1016473_10152853922408556_57998751608076609_n 1911748_10152853922443556_7400231968849446655_n 1901405_10152853922483556_8750738663815495292_n 10485893_10152853922588556_9129047954998305564_n 10801525_10152853922533556_1614316874244043896_n10451682_10152853922628556_7616506899980052591_n 1800222_10152853922713556_8932901367571369619_n 10641076_10152853922683556_1045941020165338328_n 644360_10152853922643556_8681714954045254294_n 10685578_10152853922773556_4250516731577134099_n 10443606_10152853922733556_7567283729975565735_n 10354136_10152853922818556_2177080524300910141_n 10471023_10152853922853556_6306482805922984195_n 10404253_10152853922893556_7332971978468662342_n