Atlantic Coastal Plains; Austin, East Texas, Louisiana

Arriving to Austin on Amtrak, a few days of beers and tex-mex while scoping out the city with hostel-mates and waiting for bike to arrive before pedaling on to Bastrop, Tx. Through the burnt out Lost Pines to a KOA in LaGrange next to a busy highway; the vagrants UNDER the bridge had it quieter. Onto a municipal campground in Navasota, I pick up maps “general delivery” there that put me back on a route, the “Southern Tier”. Camping in Sam Houston NF outside of Coldspring, wood apes thankfully stay at bay, allowing me to make a campground in Silsbee, Tx the next night before crossing into Louisiana for a tent spot, stage left, at the Merryville Mueseum. The Bunkie Fire Station offers a nice couch spot before arriving to camp in New Roads/Ventress today! It’s not the mountains anymore, nor the canyon lands, but feeling like I’m back in my neck of the woods. And if a fellow cyclist can help me fix two broken spokes, Baton Rouge tomorrow!10614281_10152832405863556_6220980060341311756_n 1009965_10152832405993556_780204539608998723_n 10351588_10152832406033556_2984673850762727550_n 10173740_10152832405933556_4686431540818514766_n 10348361_10152832406128556_4173872173873327986_n 10454293_10152832406173556_2368183163202379170_n 1902806_10152832406248556_617774803824928521_n 10710607_10152832406213556_5945323234218258329_n 10258028_10152832406408556_7379809886002700384_n1234948_10152832406458556_4526091091392064795_n10761_10152832406288556_4983488694660670179_n1002640_10152832406343556_3784101150266766172_n 10154893_10152832406483556_1560361108191146842_n 10647043_10152832406553556_1264309257519322637_n1391735_10152832406313556_1524056521821162225_n1461081_10152832406598556_8036699780313900421_n 1526951_10152832406668556_7731944773095501090_n