Running out of road in Utah, Leaving Las Vegas

October 12, 2014


From St George to Littlefield, a store clerk invites me to camp behind the Dam Bar for free. Climbing in 100 degrees the next day, I find out the hard way that google bike maps warning, “Bicycling directions (beta): use caution.” should be headed: I flag a trucker on I-15 for water after exhausting mine, and pedal a closed and barricaded section of interstate for Overton where I poach a camp site. A warm 85 miles along Lake Mead the next day brings me into Las Vegas, pedaling down the strip to valet my bike at Wynn. “Lonely lands made fruitful”, I see Bon Jovi in concert with the brothers and folks. After slots demonstrate that indeed I am not lucky, I pedal to Boulder City for a night, talking to folks before ruling out 95 and 93 as travel options to Phoenix, instead backtracking to Henderson and throwing the bike in the back of a rental. After a couple of rest days, taking a train to Austin early in the morning!10710554_10152802992193556_699587594169500028_n 1972273_10152802992338556_7735377608677943346_n 10690319_10152802992283556_8354136150415785132_n 10675714_10152802992988556_1802177741140936039_n 10686618_10152802993143556_1080902802103380607_n 10153831_10152802993378556_1859531263857503204_n 10606372_10152802993098556_9066330340763290191_n 10703722_10152802993438556_6506322140843052748_n 1016475_10152802993213556_556904814109763436_n 1926830_10152802993183556_3307406149765756715_n 1796689_10152802993278556_8083559277898771183_n 10698440_10152802993343556_6813859686602431273_n 10255005_10152832405803556_1633565639760088064_n