Grand Canyon, Kanab, Zion, Vermillion Cliffs, St. George again

Boogieing from the North Rim of Grand Canyon to South Rim still leaves time for Ribbon Falls and a beer at Phantom Ranch, but going light means no tent or bag and thus sleeping on a bench inside the lobby of the South’s Bright Angel Lodge. A long pay shuttle back to the North for a last night before hitching a ride with Mike & his dog Sally back to the bike at Jacob Lake. Pedaling into Kanab, a rider I had met in Steamboat a month and 1,000+ miles earlier (Keala) brakes her rental car to say hi. Later, rains offer a day off route in Kanab. Enter Zion; a full campground but Keala has room enough to attract me as well as John, who is en route to Mexico City. The Narrows and Angels Landing make for very nice hikes. Pedaling forward to St George, I then enjoy backtracking toward Vermillion Cliffs in a rental car to hike Wire Pass-Buckskin Gulch and Toadstools with the ever courageous Jenn. Alas, back in St George.

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